Picking a checking account might feel like a menial task – it is easy to rush the decision or pick what seems like the best option without looking into the smaller details. However, this is something that will affect your everyday life.

Whether you are actively using it or not, your bank account is holding your money and needs to be a place you can trust. There is no end of fees, charges, and hindrances that could be incurred if you are not aware of them.

Try working through this checklist to find the best one for you.

Look Out For Fees

Some bank accounts require a monthly fee that might seem small but will inevitably stack up over the years. A small charge will multiply and is easily avoidable.

There can also be charges for direct deposit or other usage charges that might eat into your budget. Take the time to give yourself the best option and let your bank account be something to forget about – in a good way.

No Minimum Balance

Sometimes a bank account can have a minimum balance requirement. Whether this is one pound or 50 dollars – you should go out of your way to avoid it.

It will keep the minimum trapped in your bank account and unusable for any financial emergency you may face. The money won’t be earning any interest and it should be avoided.

No Limits

Your bank account should provide you with financial freedom and that is impaired by things like transaction limits. While it might not apply every day – you should be able to withdraw, deposit, and transfer freely without incurring any charges.

This also should apply to the use of ATMs. There is nothing like paying to withdraw your money and you need to check the potential charges.

If you are planning to use your card abroad then these are also important factors as you can very quickly rack up unpleasant fees. There are convenient cards out there – they might just take a minute to find!

Good Accessibility On All Platforms

Maybe you run out of money at the supermarket or perhaps a forgotten bill pops up. You always need to be able to handle your money regardless of where you are physically.

Whether you want to deposit money electronically, check your balance, or split your bill at dinner – this should be an option for you. However, it is also nice to have in-branch access to provide you customer service face-to-face if you require it.

Check Your Overdraft Fees

An unplanned overdraft can be one of the biggest fees that you face with your bank account and can leave people with a large bill. If you are not careful with your budget or feel like money is tight, then this can make all the difference.

Consider not allowing your bank account to have an overdraft or even investing in some overdraft protection. This way you won’t be caught out by a cost you can’t pay.